About me

Hi, welcome to my website...

I am Ramin
an independent self-taught artist and I look forward to becoming a concept artist. I have posted my latest pieces including my rough sketches and finished drawings. Please take a look at my stuff, feel free to give feedback. It will help me stay motivated and reach my goals. I will also share whatever I find interesting, on the “blog” section. You can find ways to get in touch with me in the “contact me” section.

A Little Bit About Me

I have an associate degree in computer software.
IELTS academic 6.5 score
Here is my sketchbook
I like to cook and bake; and I have a degree for that as well.
I have an AutoCAD certificate , Network+ Microsoft Degree , Organizational Behavior , Bakery (Level 1) , Bakery (Level 2) , Bakery (Level 3) , Cooking (Level1) , Cooking (Level2)
My music tastes include: rock, soft instrumental, jazz, blues, and country music.
My favorite quote is “Truth is Singular. Its versions are mistruths“.
I read comics, and books on: Philosophy, Mysticism, fiction/ non-fiction, biographies and poetry.
My ultimate favorite foods of all times are “Kabab Koobideh” and “Pizza”. I like to drink coffee. I'm a natural bodybuilder, and a good swimmer too.
My favorite movies and series
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